bit by bit

earth legs shuffle to stop in peripheral vision
wallaby scare the shit out of me it’s funny to be interrupted by her again rather than my yell to think to understand
wash your shoes before you arrive to protect the (Xanthorrhoea)) from infection and contagion
wear your shoes to protect your little toes from bully ant

I show you a skin graft with rice paper confidence

voice of each we stem

chilli talk hot state your case for your internal people

it's like a condom vaseline skin and split you can see my grin behind it heheh what if I poke my tongue through

while I'm choosing how to sit around each of you

I feel like I could take a knife in this jacket

I isn't like my ancestors with this particular look

can we let it play out in a peat bog?

flying fox crossing vic street

they're stepping out, day to night down the old stairs

you wearing those?